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(Shiff...sniff..) Ugh, what's that smell? Did someone at the dog food factory clog up the septic tank with Cinnamon brooms again?

NO WAY DOODER! The GROSS GUTS GANG is back and are grosser than ever!

That's right, America's least popular gross out stickers from the 80's are back at it, and are still suffering from a number of different horrible ailments just to fill your gross heart with glee!

In this pack you get: SNOTZO, BARFO, FARTZO, AND BELCHO!

These 3 X 4.5 heavy duty Vinyl stickers will look great on your Locker, Binder, or prison cell wall!

BONUS! The back of each sticker contains a charming description of what is ailing these Gross lil' guys, that way, you'll be able to avoid the nastiness at all costs!