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1974 Glorp On Glorpin’ Trucker Hat


Truckers were the coolest dudes in 1974. Livin’ on the road, haulin’ stuff around, dodgin’ “smokeys,” and wearin’ vests!

Bring a sense of workin’ man’s danger and wonder into your iPhone lookin’ life with this classic orange and white 5-panel trucker hat!

This immaculate embroidered patch is 3” tall and 3.5” and wide fits this hat like a charm!
• Mesh back cap, also know as a trucker hat, perfect for summer and air ventilation
• Poly-foam front
• Plastic adjustable snap closure
• Crown Height: 3.5”
• Brim Length: 3”
• Brim Width: 6.5” (flexible bend)
• Adjustable Total Hat Length: 11”
• Adjustable Total Hat Width: 6.5”